All Wood Fine Interiors Limited (AWFI) is an  independently owned Canadian company which was established in 1998 to meet the needs of builders, owners, designers and architects throughout North America. With a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility centrally located in Etobicoke Ontario Canada no project is too large or complex to schedule.

AWFI creates a variety of custom millwork, casework, architectural woodwork, surface cladding and themed spaces for restaurants, hotels, casinos, entertainment facilities, condominiums, malls and many other public spaces.

What we do: “AWFI adds value through aggressive innovation, collaboration and craftsmanship.” 

We are a quality focused manufacturer of millwork, casework, woodwork and feature elements. Using the latest techniques and machinery we craft custom pieces from wood, wood veneer, plastic laminate, solid surface, stone, metal, glass and a wide range of unique materials and surfaces. 

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Leading the industry in delivering sustainable LEED projects by streamlining the document submittal process and offering FSC certified products as standard components in the pieces we build. 

We strive to provide a collection point for all the components of the interiors package. To incorporate the intimate knowledge of each designed element in order to offer value added solutions in the selection of materials and the method of construction. 

Working together with designers, architects, contractors and owners at the conceptual stage in recommending materials, processes and methods of construction maximizes our impact. This team oriented approach delivers an exceptional product on time and within budget. 

We offer a single source location for all architectural surfaces and have experience using the following specialty surfaces;




Cast Acrylic

Sheet Glass

Painted Glass




Envel Panels

CNC Sculpting

Moz Custom Metal

Epoxy Coatings


Stainless Steel

Cast Glass

Sculptured Glass


Integrated Electrical


Architectural Metals

Faux Finishes

Rimex Textured Stainless Steel

Kinon Surfaces